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Walk Your Way to Healing

Nature is a fantastic therapeutic tool.  Walk and talk therapy uses the beautiful Bedfordshire countryside rather than a therapy room and our ecotherapy sessions take place in the natural environment.  This can suit clients who enjoy talking and thinking in an open space.  We walk at a pace to suit you and use elements of the natural world to aide our therapy. 

Walk and talk and ecotherapy can be really effective as clients often find the natural environment liberating, inspiring and comforting. 

Benefits of Nature Therapy

The guidance for confidentiality in indoor and outdoor counselling is the same.  However, if we are outdoors we may see other walkers, passers-by, etc.   When that happens we can pause, and normally slow down and let the person overtake us.  

When the weather is bad, I can offer counselling in my Bedfordshire therapy room or online.  

The location of our walk and talk therapy depends on where you live (I will look for a coveniant location to meet).  I also take into account your preferred settings (will you benefit from countryside, woodland, wildlife?).  I try each route first to ensure it's accessible and comfortable. 

Enquire about walk and talk/Ecotherapy

It’s common to have questions about eco therapy, walk and talk therapy and counselling.  A few FAQs are presented here, but we are happy to answer all your questions if you email [email protected]


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