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Emotional Freedom Technique


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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping can be an effective tool to help you towards healing issues such as anxiety, stress and depression. Similar to acupuncture (but much less invasive!) it focuses on stimulating the meridian points (your body’s energy hot spots).

Our tapping practitioner will guide you through the set-up and sequence.

Tapping can either be offered individually or as part of your therapy programme. 

Tapping can either be offered online or in our Biggleswade therapy room.

What Happens in a Tapping Session?

No, you can tap with either hand and on either side of your body! You can even switch hands during your tapping.

Expect to be fully supported by your therapist! Claire will guide you through the process, establish why you want tapping, help you set your statement and then guide you through all the stages of tapping.   

Questions about EFT

It’s normal to have questions about tapping, EFT and therapy. Find some answers to common EFT questions here or check our longer list of questions on all aspects of therapy below. Claire is always happy to talk through questions – email [email protected]


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