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Counselling and Therapy

Therapy with YOU at the centre

I’m a qualified Biggleswade based counsellor and corporate wellness consultant. My therapy work is dedicated to helping people move forward, recovering from past events and trauma that may have been holding them back.   

I provide a supportive and non-judgemental therapeutic relationship where you can explore your emotions, thoughts and processes. 

I love to bring the natural world into the therapy work and this includes using elements of nature such as leaves or walk and talk, metaphors and imagery around the natural world.   

I’m also a lover of expression through words and art.   I’ve always enjoyed writing as a form of therapeutic expression, but it wasn’t until I picked up a paintbrush during my counselling training that I realised that you didn’t need to be a talented artist to really benefit from using art as a way of expressing yourself.   You don’t need to be a Picasso (or anywhere near) to use art to help you heal your way forward. 

My approach is all about what suits you.  I work flexibly using my integrative training to adapt to your therapeutic needs.

Heal Your Way

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s normal to have questions about counselling and therapy and how it works. I’m always happy to chat through your questions in a free introductory session or by email, and I hope you find this list of FAQ’s useful.  You can see more questions by clicking the button below.


In our first session I will spend a short amount of time looking at our agreement and explaining how we will work together. The rest of the session will be for you to tell me why you want counselling, and establish any goals or areas you would like to bring to our future sessions. It is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions or raise any concerns you may have and together we can talk through.

Our sessions are open-ended. Some clients will see a counsellor for 6 sessions whilst others will choose to have regular sessions for years. Some clients may prefer to have 6 sessions to start off with and then review how to go forward. This can be discussed in our initial call.

We will meet weekly or fortnightly on the same day and time. Our sessions will be consistent and regular.

Claire has a Level 7 Masters qualification in counselling and psychotherapy. as well as a Level 4 diploma.  She is a member of the BACP.

Why Choose Us

Creative Tools

I enjoy working therapeutically with paints, clay and drawing.

Walk and Talk Therapy

If you prefer to get outside the therapy room I offer walk and talk therapy, using nature as our therapeutic space

Flexible Approach

I have studied a range of therapeutic models and always work flexibly to suit my client's needs.

Online and In-Person Therapy

Can offer both online and in-person sessions and even offer a blended approach.

Make An Appointment

To make an appointment for counselling, walk and talk therapy, EFT or to discuss how we can help your company with a corporate wellness programme, email [email protected]