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Questions About Counselling

It’s normal to have questions about therapy. We’ve put some common questions about our counselling and therapy service below and we are always happy to answer your counselling questions if you contact us.


A counselling session is normally 50 minutes long.

Our counselling sessions are open-ended meaning we have as many as you feel we need.    Some clients prefer to work in blocks of 6 with regular reviews to decide how to go forward.   

A counsellor won't normally give you any advice, instead they will listen and support you whilst you make your own decisions.  We believe that you are the expert of your situation and have the capacity to make your own decisions.   

Your counsellor will welcome you and ask you about your goals and what has bought you to counselling.    They will also spend some time talking about the therapeutic contract, explaining details such as confidentiality and your data protection.   

You and your therapist will begin to build a relationship that you will work with in your further sessions.

Questions about Work Wellness

If you are considering a corporate wellness presentation or programme we are very happy to talk through your questions

Work wellness coaches/programmes can help improve your staff's morale and esteem, they can also help improve absenteeism and presenteeism.   They can enhance your company culture and show your employees you care for their wellbeing.

Every programme is bespoke and designed with the cemployer/employee needs in mind.  Some companies may want regular coaching for their staff, whilst other's may prefer monthly/fortnightly/weekly group workshops. 

Topics for workshops may include: burnout, stress, menopause, nature, using smoking/food/alcohol.


Claire has completed a diploma in corporate wellness coaching and was director of a successful business.  She understands corporate needs and language and has helped many organisations improve their corporate cultures. She is happy to talk you through her experience - email [email protected]


You can learn more by contacting us on the details below.   


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More Questions?

If you have more questions about  counselling, work wellness or any aspect of Heal Your Way’s services please phone or email or use the contact form below.  

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Walk and Talk Therapy

If you prefer to get outside the therapy room I offer walk and talk therapy, using nature as our therapeutic space

Flexible Approach

I have studied a range of therapeutic models and always work flexibly to suit my client's needs.

Online and In-Person Therapy

Can offer both online and in-person sessions and even offer a blended approach.

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If you would like to make an appointment for an initial session or to discuss any of our services email [email protected]