Counselling and Therapy Agreement

Please read the following information carefully before signing. If there is anything that you are unsure of, please ask before signing.


Confidentiality: Everything we discuss in our sessions together is confidential except:

1) For the purposes of supervision. I may discuss issues of our work with my supervisor. Their role is to check that our work together is safe and provide guidance to me. The supervisor is also bound by confidentiality. I am happy to provide more information on this.

2) If I believe there is risk to the safety of yourself or to others

3) If I’m compelled by a court of law to disclose notes/information about you

4) If I’m unable to practice due to accident or sudden incapacity, then a qualified colleague will contact you to discuss if you wish to continue therapy.

3) There are some legal limitations around counselling confidentiality these include disclosures around money laundering, drug offences, road traffic offences and terrorism. I am happy to discuss these further with you or you can read more about this here:  Managing confidentiality within the counselling professions ( (Page 11, Section 4)

If I do need to break confidentiality, I aim to be able to discuss this with you prior to the break and involve you in the process.

Frequency, Cancellation and Length of Sessions:  Each counselling session is 50 minutes long and is usually weekly. On the 6th session, we can review our work together which is an opportunity to assess progress, issues and our relationship. 

Termination: You can end counselling at any time. If you decide you no longer want counselling/therapy I will request that we have an ending session. 

Cancelled Sessions:  I require 48 hours’ notice in advance if you can’t make a session, or as soon as possible in exceptional circumstances. I will follow the same procedure if I need to cancel a session.  A full fee is payable if a session is missed without prior notice.

Conduct: Please do not attend counselling sessions whilst under the influence of drink or drugs.

Code of Ethics and Complaints Procedure:  I am a member of the BACP and follow their code of ethics.  They have their own complaints procedure. Copies of this are available on request.  The BACP Ethical Framework can be accessed here:

Note Keeping: I keep brief notes following each session.  These are kept in a lockable secure cabinet and I am the only one with access to these notes. You can request to see these notes. They are kept for three years.

Fees: The fee per session is to be agreed with the counsellor before work commences. Payment should be made in advance and can be made via PayPal or bank transfer on the separate notes provided.

Clinical Will: In the event of my illness and death a qualified colleague will be able to access my notes and will contact you regarding if you want to continue with therapy.

Holiday: If I’m planning a holiday, I aim to give you at least 2 weeks’ notice. It would be helpful if you also gave me two weeks’ notice of any planned therapy gaps/holiday.

Contact Between Sessions: this should be via email or phone/text. I will reply within office hours (between 9-5 UK time). Please do not request to connect with me on social media platforms (nor will I request to connect with you) apart from the official Heal Your Way business pages.

Locality Sessions take place either online or in-person in a suitable environment. I offer online sessions and on occasion may work with a client based internationally. However, I am not licensed as a counsellor outside of the UK. By signing this agreement, you are agreeing that you understand that and you are giving your consent. You also understand that the work is being carried out in accordance with the laws of the therapist’s country (UK) and that any disputes will be subject to the jurisdictions of the therapist’s country of residence.


I have read, understood and agree with the above information

Signed…………………………………………………………… Date…………………………..