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Burnout, stress and anxiety are common issues in today’s corporate organisations. Companies can choose to create a work environment that supports and destigmatises mental health issues in the workplace and a wellness coach can help you plan for this.

We offer presentations and workshops for companies who care about their employee’s wellbeing. Delivered in person or online these events bring your team together to focus on issues around their work wellness.  

We also offer coaching and counselling for your employees. 

We can create a corporate wellness programme focused on your company’s individual needs.  

Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programmes and Presentations Include:

There are many ideas that enhance the effectiveness of a corporate work wellness programme.  It could include training for line managers, group meetings for mindfulness, one-to-one coaching. We will design a programme specific to your company's needs and resources. We will meet with you and can send an anonymous questionnaire to your employees to establish any issues and support needs. We will then discuss these with you and agree steps forward.  We will also agree regular reviews, to monitor any particular areas of success or areas that need improvement and implement any necessary changes. 

Absolutely! We all know that working from home has its own challenges for companies and individuals so ensuring you are promoting a culture of wellness through a remote company is crucial.  Coaching, webinars, training, meditations, mindfulness can all be accessed online. 

Claire has completed a diploma in Corporate Wellness Coaching.  She regularly completes CPDs to ensure her training is up-to-date. 

Questions and Contact for Corporate Wellness Services

If you are considering a work wellness consultant, wellness workshop or presentation, wellness programme or company counselling speak to Claire to discuss how we can help meet your company’s needs.



The burnout presentation was absolutely great and the feedback from my colleagues was fantastic! A lot of them found the workshop eye-opening! And they were also surprised that we as a company organized something like this. Some told me they found it refreshing that other people deal with the same kind of problems and they are not alone. 


Personally, I think the workshop was really well organized and your candid stories about your own experiences made it all very palpable and relatable.

Flavia Grosan, Golf Genius Software, Tech Company

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